Many think cats are lonely, interested animals—nothing further from reality. There is not a few news in which these little animals surprise us with their loyalty lessons. If you don’t believe it, we encourage you to continue reading. Today we bring you the news that will surely leave you open-mouthed.

Garfield’s story has gone viral by harvesting millions of views on social media. And when a cat proposes something, it doesn’t stop until it reaches it. Our 3-year-old protagonist knows it well. Although his adoptive family filled him with the care, he was determined to return with Neil Payne and his wife, Leasa. 

Garfield, an off-road cat

On 8 June a couple from Shillington, United Kingdom, decided to give away their cat after their children’s emancipation. They wanted to resume their youthful journeys and looked for the right family for this European with orange tones and green eyes. She was found in Enfield, north London, about 64 kilometres away from home.

On June 20 Garfield disappears, but don’t be sad because after, no more and no less, seven weeks the mining comes before the door of his primaeval home with tears in his eyes. Yes, as you read it. He missed his owners so much that he didn’t hesitate to travel the 64 kilometres that separated them.

At first, Neil gave no credit to what he saw and convinced that he was nothing more than another Garfield-like-looking cat downplayed the event. Possibly the distance between the two locations had a lot to do with it, and it makes sense. However, e he jumped into his arms. There was no doubt it was him.

Viral news

After this declaration of love without palliatives, the marriage has rethought its decision and has chosen to stay forever with this little hero claiming that he has made it clear that he wants to live in what he considers his only home. The welcoming family has come to show up at the Payne home to take an interest in Garfield.

Little has been made, and the decision has already been made. The Sun newspaper has been the first to echo this news, and the rest of the British newspapers has followed him. It’s no less. The feat of this mining confirms that these animals forge strong and lasting bonds of attachment with their guardians.

Attachment to cats

We are not going to say that felines feel like humans because their perception of the reality around them is different from ours. However, it is undeniable that the interaction in coexistence with his human family generates an unbreakable affective bond in the cat unless you throw everything away by mistreating him.

If you seek food, tranquillity to rest, take care of his hygiene, play with him, caress him and treat him with affection, your pet internalises that with you feels safe and loved. As a result, it associates you with positive emotions such as safety, well-being and comfort and appreciates your company.

With this, we would like to point out that although their behaviour is not as extroverted as that of dogs, felines miss their guardians, enjoy their company and manifest their love through simple and sometimes as surprising actions as this. Do you still think cats are sequestering, lonely animals?

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.