Cat Chow feed reviews

Having got a kitten at home, this little fluffy happiness, any come first of all with love organise him a place to eat and certainly thinks about what to feed a Scottish kitten in 3 months and whether to give cat food Kat Chau. Besides, such that it was available, useful and pleasant to the cat.

Purina, which has been producing ready-made pet food for more than 80 years, offers its ready-made dry food line Kat Chau, which we will introduce in this article and learn feedback.

Cat food species Kat Chau

Cat Chow is an exceptionally dry feed that goes on sale in 400g, 1.5kg, and 15kg soft packs.

The virtues of cat food Cat Chow

  1. Balanced composition.
  2. A wide range (suitable for kittens, pregnant cats, neutered cats, prevention of urinary stone disease, etc.). There is even an exceptional food for the removal of woollen lumps.
  3. The composition has herbal additives that help to reduce the smell from the tray.
  4. Dry food is easy to store and transport. It has a long shelf life.
  5. Affordable price.
  6. Easy to find on sale.

Kat Chau’s flaws

  1. Like any dry food, you need to drink plenty of water.
  2. They are not made in the form of canned food.
  3. Premium class next after the “economy” class. That is not much different from the cheapest dry food: the composition has by-products, antioxidants, and flavour-aroma supplements.
  4. A small percentage of meat components – from 4 to 8%.

Attention! Useful information. How do I know if this food is right for your cat? Timely stool, not sharp breath – these are good signs. If on the contrary – there is a reason to be wary. Behaviour with suitable nutrition is usual, without signs of aggression.
There is also a laboratory method of verification – elementary
analysis. They will certainly show whether you have picked up the right food for your pet. By the way, feeding is only a part of everyday life, so read an article on properly caring for a small kitten.

What kind of food to choose your pet?

Standard rations:

  • Menu for adult cats (with chicken and turkey)

This dish is ideal for active adult animals, as it contains a high protein content in each serving. The menu is enriched with vitamin E, which acts as a protective barrier for external infections. It is good food.

  • Diet for adult cats (with rabbit and liver)

The menu is seasoned with parsley, spinach, carrots, and on a side dish to the rabbit and liver developers put well-absorbed peas. There is chicory in the line-up. This element reduces the smell of faeces.

  • Menu for kittens (with chicken)

The feed is vitaminised, high-calorie and allows the baby’s body to develop correctly. The composition includes herbs and vegetables, including beetroot pulp, which supports the digestive system’s health.


  • Food to control the formation of lumps of wool

Suitable for cats, located continuously within the apartment. The developers have laid in the feed a unique formula with the addition of dietary fibres. They control the moment of formation of hair lumps in the gastrointestinal tract of the cat.

  • Food for cats with sensitive digestion

The diet is fortified, it is easily absorbed by high-quality protein, enriched with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Feed for sterilized cats and neutered cats

A diet with reduced calories, the level of proteins and fats in it is at a level that maintains the animal’s healthy muscle.

  • Urinary health feed

The minerals that make up this diet are responsible for the urinary system’s health and maintaining the optimal pH level of urine.

  • Triple protection of your pet:

– protection of the oral cavity

from plaque and

the formation of tartar – protection of the urinary system – control of the formation of woollen lumps in the gastrointestinal tract

Cat Chow cat food reviews

Alena: “I picked up my own, now beloved and adored cat, on the street ragged and unhappy. And with a scare began to feed him anything horrible. I got Ket Chau right away. I fed them for a short time because, with the cat’s house’s appearance, I became a regular of all sorts of cat forums and took care of this feed’s composition. And it is complicated to find out – the manufacturer carefully or hides it, or disguises the general words. Such as: “The product of cereal processing.” What kind of beast is that? Besides, as part of a bunch of E-sheikhs, to deal with which I was just lazy, so I soon refused to feed it.”

Vlada: “What kind of food is such, if after one day of eating it, for the next day cats refused even their favourite fish? At the same time, cats drank as much water as they did not drink in a week! I don’t know what the producers add to this feed, but I don’t want to make cats of drug addicts.”

Ruslana: “We constantly buy Cat Chow for our Persian cat. Take the food that allows you to remove the wool from the body. I will tell you right away, the hair burs around once a week painlessly, noticed that our Persian’s eyes began to cry less, the chair is regular and correct. So I will say only good things about Cat Chow – both inexpensive and satisfying!”


The average price of Kat Chau feed was set in stores:

  • 400g. From 130 rubles in Moscow (55 UAH in Kiev);
  • packaging 1.5 kg – from 440 rubles (190 UAH);
  • 15 kg packaging – from 4000 rubles (1700 UAH).

Please leave your feedback on Kat Chau’s cat poop if you and the cat have something to say.

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Written by Sophie Grey

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