Cat games. Seven toys that cause a furore.

Those of us who live with cats know how important cat games are, especially to break the day-to-day routine and prevent them from sleeping and being inactive for the vast majority of the time.

On the other hand, we know that depending on your cats’ character, putting them active, can be complicated, especially if they are already adults and have become accustomed to domestic life.

That’s why we’ve decided to make a list of the best cat games, which have been most recommended and valued, according to the reviews of many cat lovers and their experience.

It’s time to go into action and make your cat move and stimulate its intelligence, with original games for cats. Both, along with a good diet, is best for the excellent health of your cat. Started?

Domestic cat games, it’s scratch time!

We all know the particular tastes of cats, and it is that sometimes the best scratching game, is in your eyes that armchair or sofa so “appetising”.

If your scratching sets are directed towards furniture, the best thing we can do is to opt for a protector, with large scratching areas, so that it catches your attention and directs your desire to play towards this object.

We will also encourage them to exercise and be more active. They can be placed vertically and horizontally, like this model—one of the most valued by the Catlovers.

In this model, the sisal is natural, a sustainable product—ideal for placing in the corners of the sofa or armchair of the house.

Available in different colours, to match your décor. You will protect the furniture from home, and they will find in it, the best scratching game for cats.

Games for cats, interactive. To hit the coconut.

If you have a nervous and gluttonous cat, this interactive game can entertain you more than you can imagine. It is one of the complete stimulating games forecasts because they have to practice their feline skills to eat.

Divided into 4 “work” zones, you can throw away that ration of food you eat in a second and thus help you stimulate your intelligence and eat more leisurely, playing to get out of the different mazes, snacks or feed.

The game has a reasonable size (40 x 30.5 x 8.4 cm) keep that in mind, but except this, it is a perfect game for eager cats with food and an ideal method to make it a little more complicated and have fun, while eating.

Games for baby cats, on the go little ones!

If we have a new member of the family and a baby cat, we will have to think of a suitable toy for its size and energy level. Of this second are leftovers, so nothing better than one of the games kit, complete (20 pieces) where we find wand and cane, balls, mouse stuffed animals… and a tunnel to hide, as he stalks that sisal mouse.

Remember that those first moments together, is the best way to establish bonds, because kittens, when they are babies, relate to their brothers through play. We found it a very appropriate and complete kit for tiny kittens.

Adult and healthy cat games

This toy has two good things. On the one hand, your cat will be able to play catch the ball inside a circuit and the “naughty flower”.

The ball has an eye-catching colour, and once you start playing, it will surely draw a lot of attention to it, even when you’re not home.

But also at its base, we can have a small sample of “crawler grass” that many cats, like to chew to improve their digestions. It has a solid design, and you can choose between two different models so that the game is complete.

Cat tunnel sets

Cats love to get into enclosed spaces if they also have different exits and entrances, better than better, and if at home you have more than one cat, then the party is assured.

The game among the home cats will start by chases, jumps and races, also animated by the balls inside. This model’s material is resistant to “sails” and is designed to stand firm while playing. It can be picked up at a time as it is foldable.

Game scraper for small cats

If your cat is small but wants to play and scratch, this scraper is the right choice for your games for several reasons. It has double scraper column at the base so that it discharges all its energy into it and starts in scratching.

It also has a large cottage at the base, with two entrances, so you can sleep peacefully, whenever you want. Without being very high, the raised floor is perfect for a small cat wishing to eat the world, climb!

Games for kittens

Kittens and not so babies, they love everything small, and it moves. This multilevel tower, with rotating balls, will be a challenge for the most expert cat. It’s also introduced to the game, the catnip, into one of these balls, so the fun is assured. A toy that’s causing a furore.

Besides, the game is safe for them as the corners are rounded, to avoid any cut and its platform is non-slip. The material is made of a non-toxic and environmentally friendly resin. Let’s play!

Why are games important to cats?

Cats, when they are young, relate to their siblings through play. This improves behaviour patterns and increases sociability, of cats that have not had contact with other cats, after birth.

Playing with a cat. Reasons and recommendations.

  • All the domestic cats in the world, feel the innate need to hunt and explore. These are a reality, so it is imperative to cover that need in our cats. We have to put ourselves in their place and get them toys and cat games, to help them activate that wild instinct. You can use rods or small toys (don’t use your hands directly) so you can jump, run and catch them. It is vital for them and thus develops their cognitive skills.
  • According to several recent studies, 70% of domestic cats are overweight and lead a sedentary life. That’s why daily activity, related to cat games, is essential for them to be activated. Jumping, running behind a ball, climbing to the top of the scraper, hiding in a toy tunnel and running away are activities that will help you burn that extra fat and get your muscles moving.
  • If a cat gets bored, it can engage in unwanted behaviour. Urinating in places where it is not usual, scratching furniture is not a scraper, even aggressive actions, such as biting or scratching, for no apparent reason. Games, they’re an escape route—a way to reconstruct those behaviours and release stress from inactivity.
  • The smaller the toy, the more active it will be. Ideally, they simulate small moving animals, to call their curiosity. Remember that cats can play alone, but it is also highly recommended that you spend even 25 minutes a day sharing the game with it.
  • Try adding some catnip, in the game, by entering a small amount into your favourite toys. This will further stimulate your cat and help you redirect all its energy, for example, into that toy you no longer use. It is also highly recommended to store in a secluded place, all the toys when they are not used and take them out only when we will play with our cat.

As you see the games for cats, they are part of their education, because they influence their physical and psychic state. Don’t hesitate to play with them and be part of something much more important.

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.