Gourmet feed reviews for cats

  • Suitable for cats from 1 year of life;
  • is in the first half of the line of the quality of ready-made feed, i.e. the meat component does not exceed 4-8 %, the presence in the composition of by-products and preservatives, even if authorised by the EU;
  • Open canned food has a small shelf life.

There are several main signs on which you can determine whether your cat is suitable for food or not. You should be alerted if:

  • The animal goes to the tray more often or less often than usual;
  • The process of emptying is painful;
  • The smell of the tray after consuming the feed has a sharp and very unpleasant shade;
  • There was a robust sour smell out of his mouth;
  • the cat became more aggressive or, conversely, too sluggish;
  • wool faded or began to fall out.

In such cases, you need to change the diet. Specialist advice will not be superfluous either.

What kind of food to choose your pet?

There are no specialised diets in Gourmet, but, justifying its gourmet name, the brand has developed many exquisite flavours for adult cats and cats.

  • Pieces in a pate “Terrin” with a rabbit in French;
  • Pieces in gravy with chicken and liver;
  • Pieces in gravy with salmon and chicken;
  • Pieces in gravy “Double pleasure” with duck and turkey;
  • Pieces in gravy with trout and vegetables;
  • Pate with chicken/turkey.

These menus are essentially the same. In the composition, we see meat and meat by-products, and, they account for a paltry percentage, in the presence of cereals and, WARNING, sugar. Taurine we did not find in the composition, from what we can conclude that the feed is not full-ing, at least.

Delicate cues:

  • with lamb and green beans;
  • with chicken and carrots;
  • with turkey and spinach.

The main declared meat in these diets accounts for 4%. In general, the same protein in the listed positions 17% (vegetable including).

Mini fillet in gravy:

  • With salmon;
  • With lamb;
  • With chicken;
  • With beef;
  • With a duck;
  • With turkey.

Yeast has already been added to these dishes, again we see sugars, vitamins and 12% of animal protein.

Gifts of the ocean:

  • With salmon;
  • With flounder;
  • With tuna;
  • with white fish.

Animal protein in these menus – 0.6% – 10%!

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.