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Cat owners want to feed them full-relational food, but do not have the opportunity to cook for them continually. In such situations, dry/wet food, such as Happy Cat cat food, comes to the rescue.

The composition and quality of the feed

Happy Cat cat feed is quite famous. It is considered fully-revealing and specialised, and according to the German manufacturer, it is a premium/super-premium class. You can buy this food in stores. The feed is available to choose from, both wet and dry options.

Types of cat food Heppy Kat

The German feed manufacturer produces food for cats in the form of dry food and in wet form.

Dry food is sold in standard prepackages of 0.3 kg, 1.4 kg, 4 kg and 10.

Wet – it’s spiders of 100 grams, canned 400 grams, preserves of 10 grams.
Let’s find out whether this food is good, and whether it is worth giving it to your

According to the packaging, this feed contains the following nutrients:

  • Dry egg powder,
  • Poultry (home)
  • Barley and flaxseed,
  • Squarks,
  • Lamb flour,
  • Minerals and vitamins, so necessary for the body of pets for normal functioning,
  • Squeezes of fruits and vegetables,
  • Dried seaweed, chamomile, chicory extract (root).

But apart from these nutrients, there are harmful and “unidentified” substances, which is certainly a disadvantage, causing some distrust of the feeds of this series.

  • There is a liver content in the feed, but for some reason, the packages do not specify to whom precisely this liver belongs. The problem of identifying this element in the feed may indicate the probability of the content of toxins.
  • Harmful additives: poultry fats and beef.


  • Like cats (most) and has a good influence on them: animals are cheerful, active, naturally gain weight and get a healthy kind of wool,
  • The composition of useful trace elements and substances
  • A reasonably acceptable price (100 grams of canned food – about 85 rubles, 100 grams of spider – 85 rubles, 4 kg. dry feed – 2100 rubles),
  • A wide range of flavours and options (canned, dry, pate, spiders and delicacies).


  • There are not in all stores,
  • Harmful substances in the composition

As you can see, there are not only use ingredients in this feed. Before you buy this feed, pay attention to reviews of The Happy Kat feed for cats, which are quite a lot in the product’s comments. You can find mixed reviews about the cat food Happy Cat, which is explained by each animal’s individuality: someone likes food, and it perfectly tolerates it, and someone – alas. It is also worth paying attention to the reviews of veterinarians, who on this feed are very contradictory and for all others. Although according to most veterinarians, if your cat reacts to food usually, it has a place in its diet, you should not forget about enough drink.

What position to choose your pet?

Diets for kittens:

  • HAPPY CAT JUNIOR Sensitive Grainfree

The heart of the menu is easily digestible poultry and potatoes—grain-free food and perfect for toddlers. In the diet, manufacturers have laid a formula that positively affects the kitten’s growth, the strength of its backbone, at the same time the feed cares for the oral cavity, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids provide high-quality wool. The diet is a lot of taurine and minerals responsible for the body’s correct level of acidity.


Animal protein is represented by a high percentage – 89%. The presence of fish and poultry in the composition at the same time ensures a good taste attractiveness of this feed.

Feed for adult cats:


The diet is designed for cats with sensitive digestive systems. That is why there are no cereals in the composition and the maximum reduced amount of proteins. Carbohydrates koshkaa gets through potatoes, which is well digested and cranberries.


Position for allergy cats. Suitable for animals with medium activity. Protein in this feeds a lot, to garnish manufacturers have prepared dates and an additional portion of unsaturated fatty acids. The composition has useful herbs, flaxseed and chicory.


The diet for very active animals should be rich in protein because they need a lot of energy. The calorie content of this menu is increased, there is a formula for preventing the accumulation of wool, taurine and pH control of the genitourinary system. For gourmet cats, a pleasant surprise will be a supplement from the New Zealand clam.


Cats, spending time exclusively in the apartment, is suitable, as it is moderately caloric, moderately fatty, and delicious and flavorful. The garnish to the lamb is served extract Yukki Shideger, a substance that reduces the smell of excrement.


Again the position for active animals, because in it the caloric content is adapted to the physical activity of the pet.

  • Happy Cat Adult Alpine Beef

Food, fundamentally developed without fish additives, is designed for cats that do not carry fish menus. This position has pellets of considerable size.

  • Happy Cat Alpine Beef

In the diet only beef and poultry, fish you again will not find in the composition. The feed can be mixed with other types of feed of this brand.

  • Happy Cat Light

If the cat is prone to fullness, it needs a light, but still a saturation diet. There is little fat in this feed (up to 9%), but 35% of animal protein (bird meat and salmon).

  • Happy Cat Best Age 10+

When the cat gets old, its metabolism slows down, so the previous food is no longer suitable for it. The elderly ketolide and cotogentmen created food in which protein is not enough, but sodium and phosphorus enough to protect the kidneys, liver and heart of an ageing pet.

  • Happy Cat Sterilised

Position for sterilised cats and neutered cats. That they did not gain weight and were insured against urinary stone disease, this food is calorically lightweight, and it contains only 10.5% fat and a lot of taurines (1500 mg/kg).

Wet food (canned food):

  • Rabbit with turkey;
  • Turkey with chicken;
  • Lamb with turkey;
  • Duck with chicken.

The main animal protein in wet feeds is about 4%. All of the above positions of wet feed are enriched with vitamins D3 and E.

Wet feed (preserves – pate):

  • Beef;
  • The turkey;
  • Rabbit;
  • Lamb with green beans.

In pates of animal protein more than in canned – 5%. The composition also has inulin, manganese and zinc.

Reviews of Heppy Kat cat food

Galina: “Initially I was very determined and, bringing the kitten into the house, planned to feed him only natural food. But my kitten turned out to be both allergic and thus “a cat with sensitive digestion.” I had to look for a replacement straight in the ready-made feed. They didn’t find their food right away. Some of the cats had a severe disorder; he always went hungry or suffered constipation from others. The pet store drew attention to Happy Cat, typed and wet food, and drying and seems to have guessed this time! The cat eats with pleasure, gained a kilo and a half, wool does not fall out. I am glad that the feed has many different tastes.”

Gregory: “We started to feed Happy Cat with spiders, which our Briton loved terribly. But over time, we realised that the spiders’ budget was bursting at the seams and tried Happy Cat in canned food. Differences in the reaction of the cat we did not notice. Still, in canned, not so many flavours and appearance a little different – the pieces are larger, the broth a lot, visually not visible vegetable additives. But there is not to me, and the cat and he ignores such trifles. The cat’s chair is regular, and the moulting is not year-round.”

Mark: “The food produced in the European Union inspires confidence. On the nutrition, Happy Cat cat has natural cheeks! I noticed a joke – a cat with appetite sweeps away the first portion of the food of a new taste, the second is sluggish, the third does not eat at all. That’s why large volumes are not good for us. I buy preserves or spiders. Of the shortcomings I note the fact that the food is not in any pet store buy – it is necessary to run for it.”

Tell you about the experience of feeding your pet with such food.

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