How to feed an exotic cat

Exotic short-haired cats are often referred to as “Persians for lazy people.” These animals are quite wayward but rather unpretentious in food. A little care and a balanced diet – all that an exotic cat needs to maintain health and stay in a good mood.

Exotics are very sensitive to food. An adult pet should be fed three times a day, calculating the amount of food so that 1 kg of body weight accounted for 30-60 grams of the food.

It’s important! There should always be clean water in the bowl. It should be changed 2-3 times a day.

The best ready-made food for exotic cats

Exotic shorthair cats should be fed feed only premium and super-premium. They are designed specifically for animals based on their daily need for vitamins, minerals, nutrients and trace elements.

It’s important! Cheap food from a nearby supermarket is not suitable for food. They contain too much salt and seasonings, which have a devastating effect on the lifespan of cats.

Among the best dry food for an exotic cat can be distinguished:

  1. Innova Evo.
  2. Hill’s Nature’s Best.
  3. Eukanuba Adult Hairball Indoor.
  4. Bosch Sanabelle Adult Ostrich.
  5. Cat Chow.

Before you buy a product for your pet, you need to know what they are. For you, we have prepared a description of each feed.

1.Innova Evo

It is a high-end product that is manufactured in America in compliance with all standards and technologies. This food belongs to the grooming class; that is, it is a completely balanced food, which can be used as an independent diet. It can be considered protein food. Carbohydrate content is minimal, which makes it very satisfying.

The grain-free dry feed of Innova includes exclusively selected meat, dairy products based on lactose-free milk, the fibre in the form of extracts of vegetable crops.

This product is a powerful prevention of urinary stone disease, cardiovascular diseases and kidney ailments.

2.Hill’s Nature’s Best

This is a natural food designed to feed cats between the ages of 1 and 7. The product gently acts on the digestive system, helps maintain immunity, and is suitable for feeding sterilised cats.

Made only from natural ingredients with precise balance of nutrients.

Due to the content of Omega-3, the wool becomes radiant. Feed is 2 kinds: with chicken and tuna.

3.Eukanuba Adult Hairball Indoor

This is a full-fledged dry food, designed to feed domestic cats from 1 year old. The feed is useful for removing lumps of wool from the stomach due to the fibre content.

The product supports the immune system, urinary tract health, tooth strength and optimal digestion. Prolonged use of this product will help preserve the skin’s health and make the hair shiny.

4.Bosch Sanabelle Adult Ostrich

This product will provide a full, balanced diet. At the heart of the feed are ostrich and chicken meat. Besides, all necessary trace elements and vitamins are contained, thanks to which the cat’s health will be maintained at the proper level. As a result of regular consumption of feed wool at the export will become more shiny and silky.

5. Cat Chow

This is a little-known food, which is undoubtedly worthy of attention. The product has a soft structure, which makes it easy to digest and fully digest. Also in the stern contains thin, coarse fibres that perfectly clean the surface of the fangs.
Cat Chow entirely affects the cat’s appetite: after introducing the diet, skinny cats gained weight, and full, on the contrary, dumped.
This effect is achieved thanks to a powerful protein component. The composition of the food is entirely natural—no flavours or colours.

How to feed an exot kitten

As much as you would like it, but 2-3 months kitten should be left next to the mother to strengthen the mother’s milk properly.

It’s important! Exotic kittens need a balanced diet. It is categorically impossible to feed them food from the master’s table.

The first lure can start in 2 months with special dry feed,

Pre-product should be soaked in water to make the kitten easier to chew. Otherwise, microfractures may form in the stomach and intestines. Droplets of blood can recognise this in the faeces.

The following ready-made feeds are perfect for feeding small exotics:

  1. Eukanuba Kitten (wet food for kittens aged 1 to 12 months), Eukanuba Kitten Healthy Start Chicken and Liver (dry food).
  2. Bosch Sanabelle Kitten (dry food).
  3. Hill’s Science Plan Healthy Development, Hill’s Science Plan Healthy Development.5

Nutrition and disease

Like their Persian counterparts, exotics can suffer from hereditary diseases. One of these ailments is polycystic kidney disease. It is impossible to cure, but it is possible to slow down the development of the disease with therapy and special diets. Special dietary feeds should be included in the pet’s diet. For example, Product Innova Evo is perfect.

Very often, exotics are exposed to dental diseases. You can prevent them by including any premium dry food in the diet.

Besides, exotic cats are often exposed to obesity. Since the animals have rounded shapes, the owners often do not notice that the strange has gained excess weight. In this case, you need to work out the right feeding regimen. You can add Cat Chow feed to the menu, which contributes to dynamic weight loss.

Homemade food for exotics

If you decide to transfer an exotic cat only to natural food, it should be remembered that they can never be fed from your table. For well-being, the pet should receive the necessary amount of proteins, amino acids, healthy fats and vitamins. These substances are found in fish, meat, eggs, cottage cheese, greens and cereals.

It’s important! 70% of the diet of exot should be meat with by-products and fish.

A novice breeder cat menu may seem meagre. But the abandonment of the rules will negatively affect the health of the animal. In the diet of an exotic cat should include:

  1. Meat – beef, low-fat pork, chicken, turkey.
  2. Subproducts – chicken hearts, lungs, beef buds.
  3. Low-fat varieties of fish – cod, mackerel, herring. You can only give once a week.
  4. Krupa – rice, buckwheat.
  5. Dairy products low-fat cottage cheese, standing kefir.
  6. Vegetable salad, beetroot, spinach, cauliflower.

The main dish, i.e. meat should be cut into small pieces and mixed with cereals and boiled vegetables in a 3:1 proportion.

On home nutrition, exotics should be given vitamin complexes. Don’t forget to consult a veterinarian before doing so. Besides, many breeders recommend giving cats a particular weed, which is sold in a pet store.

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Written by Sophie Grey

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