Merry Christmas purrs!

First of all, to tell you that 2021 has been very special for us because we decided to start our blog “Los ronroneos de Mini”, which has allowed us to meet a lot of cat lovers and animal lovers. We want to thank each one of you, the purrings you read to us and follow us day by day on our social networks. A pleasure that you are part of our cat community!

As it could not be otherwise, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2021 with some photos of Mini Noel. Our best wishes to you, to your pets, and to all those little animals that are on the street or in protectors waiting for a home and a family that welcome you as they deserve. Because it’s enough for us to give them a little love so that they can provide us with their whole heart.

We know that you will ask us where the party costume is from, well, we buy it in TiendAnimal, and although in theory, it is a dog, there are many sizes for you to choose the one best suited to the size of your pet. We saw him so bright and Christmasy, with his red sequins, with soft white pelito on the hat, the pom… that we thought was the ideal model for Mini to look beautiful this Christmas. We hope you like it!

Miuchas thank you for your love! We continue to work to improve and offer you the best for 2021. Miauk!

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.