Mini already drives his car for cats

Christmas comes, and as good cat lovers, we wanted to give Mini a special gift. After looking and looking, we decided on this carton thing from La Loca de Los Gatos. We know that Mini, like most cats, loves to play with the boxes, so when we saw this fun pink car, we couldn’t resist, and we asked for it!

A few days ago we received the order, and of course, we quickly got to work to assemble the car “Pussy Wagen”. It is an eco-friendly car, being made of 100% cardboard. To complete it only takes a little more and patience, but you don’t need any extra material (not even glue), it’s about folding and fitting the tabs into the relevant gaps.

The car decorates our living room, although sometimes we take it out into the garden. Another advantage is that it functions as a shed because the minions love to observe unseen and this convertible car gets it what to say about how nice it is when the cat is inside it because it seems to drive it.

Although we had already conquered in the photo, when we mounted it, we discovered several fun details that we still fell more in love with. The car has a folding hood and trunk. Besides, inside the engine, we find some sardines and in the chest some cat grass and some trapdoors for mice. They also made us laugh at the license plate and messages from the back of the vehicle. Of course, the car’s interior, which is super accomplished, with the seats, the fuzzy ball, some feathers, the mini ID and something else.

Ahh, and if you look at what you see from the rearview mirrors, we’re sure you’ll smile. Tell you that the car is worth looking closely, also below. He’s not short of detail! Your cat can enter through the doors, as they open as if it were a real car. Of course, as the package says, the vehicle doesn’t include the cat,

You’ll wonder: but does Mini use it or is it another thing at home? Well, to your surprise, tell you that, thanks to a positive association of treats from the first two days, Mini enters the car on its foot, to hide, to play or even to sleep. A success!

Next to the car, we ordered an address holder necklace, in pink, of course. It is the perfect necklace for cats that go out into the garden, like Mini, because in a desperate you could walk away from home and scare us. You should know that many people find a cat do not take it to the vet to read their chip, so the most convenient way is to read the phone or the owner’s address to return it. On this necklace, it is easily accessible on the tongue and is also indicated outside with the icons so that it is clear that it is a cat with an owner. We especially liked the inner softness of the collar, the fact that it does not have a rattle, the refecting edges and the fact that it has elastic safety so that the cat does not get hooked.

As you can see, Mini’s been ahead of Christmas, and I’m so happy she’s here! We want to thank La Loca de Los Gatos for its detail, because also in the order included a couple of treats for cats that drive Mini crazy, especially the pink package of Kitty Beat.

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.