Reviews of Sanabelle feed for cats

The cat food market presents a very diverse menu: dry and wet food, all sorts of “tasty” with vitamins, canned food of various manufacturers. Are you lost in your choice? Then feed it with proven food from the German manufacturer Bosch Sanabelle (Sanabel) and learn about it from this article.

About Cat Pahs Bosch Sanabel

Sanabelle cat food is designed specifically for cats. Modern technologies are used in the production of this feed, and recent scientific discoveries in nutrition for cats are taken into account. The company makes high demands on the quality of the product and its composition, the main components of which is duck and turkey meat. All ingredients included in the document are certified. Thanks to this serious approach; Bosch’s cat food has gained millions of customers’ trust.

Bosch cat food species (Bosch)

The German family-owned company Bosch Tiernahrung GmbH and Co has been producing animal feed for half a century. Dry food for cats, in particular, is made in standard prepackages of 0.4 kg, 2 kg, 10 kg.

Benefits of Sanabelle cat food

The benefits of Sanabel’s feed are that:

  • They do not contain
  • Besides, these feeds are exceptionally nutritious, and from the offered wide range, you can always pick up something for your pet. No matter how old your pet is, whether he has problems with excess weight, you will always choose a balanced and useful food for him;
  • As time has shown, when applying this product to cats’ food their well-being significantly improves, their hair becomes healthier and shinier, they are happy to play, and they have no discomfort in the stomach. Sanabelle has no adverse effects on the cat and his body;
  • These feeds are always available, they are continuously delivered to the market, so you don’t worry that it may disappear from sale;
  • Dry food Bosch – it is profitable and relatively not expensive and very useful. It is stored for a long time and does not lose its properties.

What kind of food to choose your pet?

· Sanabelle KITTEN

Full-distribution menu for toddlers, for feeding cats and expectant mothers. This feed contains a lot of protein. It is fortified and mineralised. Also note the increased content of omega-3 fatty acids, because they will affect the brain’s development and the eyesight of the kitten.

· Sanabelle ADULT

Full-range food for adult cats spending time within the apartment.

· Sanabelle Senior

A diet for older pets. There is more fibre in this feed, which means that the gastrointestinal tract will work better. Many antioxidants slow down the ageing process.

· Sanabelle SENSITIVE

The diet is designed specifically for cats suffering from sensitive digestion. There is a lot of animal protein in the feed, and the menu is highly nutritious and digestible.

· Sanabelle STERILIZED

A full-fledged dish for sterilised cats and neutered cats. A unique formula of feed prevents obesity, and crystalline fibre reduces hunger. The absence of cereals makes food suitable for food to cats- allergy sufferers.

· Sanabelle URINARY

Manufacturers recommend this food for cats with a sensitive urinary system. The kidneys’ load is reduced by reducing the protein content, and antioxidants reduce the risk of inflammation, balanced magnesium, and phosphorus to prevent stone formation.

· Sanabelle GRANDE

A diet for large breeds, including Maine. It is for powerful jaws developed the shape and size of the pellets of dry food, flour from mussels, which is part of the feed, delivers chondroitin, and that, in turn, is needed for the proper operation of joints.

· Sanabelle HAIR & SKIN

Full-distribution menu for furry cats and breeds that need to monitor the condition of the skin. Unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids eliminate skin redness, peeling, and make the coat shiny and smooth. The developers lay the moulting control formula in the feed.

· Sanabelle LIGHT

Weight-loss menu. The stern’s reduced fat content is a guarantee that the fat man will lose weight if Sanabelle LIGHT gives him breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

· Sanabelle DENTAL

And food, and at the same time the prevention of diseases of teeth and gums. Special pellets were containing structured crystal fibre clear plaque. Vitamin cocktail bathes inflammatory processes on the mucous paste.

· Sanabelle VITALITY

A delicacy for joint health. In the composition of glucosamine and chondroitin, these substances positively affect the ligaments and joints, so manufacturers recommend this position to large breeds and older cats.

· Sanabelle HAIRBALL

A delicacy for removing lumps of wool from the body. The digestive system is stimulated by sunflower seeds, which are part of the treat.

Reviews of Bosch cat food (Bosch)

Artem: “I read a lot of good things about this food, but it didn’t fit my kitten, although I bought special food for kittens. I bought it, and then I thought I’d bought it. The composition is so-so – flour is a lot too. It’s not a buzz. The smell is also on the amateur. Since I bought three packs at once, I decided to feed all three. But on the second had to stop – the kitten began irritation behind the ears, from the mouth began to smell unpleasant. The food has been cancelled; I will not return to it again.”

Anna: “Bosch Sanibel and the kitten fed the former cat also decided to put on this food immediately. It seems to me that the composition has become worse during this time. The kitten’s chair smells very unpleasant (I have not recorded this before) and the composition indicated less meat than those feeds that I gave to my old cat. From a positive, I will say that the cat eats and between feedings does not begg. But they took a blood test and realised that the pancreas was under attack, so Bosch was refused.”

Lera: “Hello! I bought Bosch’s feed when our usual food wasn’t on sale. The price is a little higher than usual for us, but the food seemed good – smells nice, the pellets are appetising. At first, I thought this was only my opinion because the cat only looked at these pellets and did not sniff them. However, I decided to outsmart it and began to mix dry food in canned food. Everything would be fine, but the cat in a week began to comb his chin, and therefore it began swelling lips! After the course of anti-allergenic treatment to Bosch, I did not return!”



  • 400 grams – 355 rubles
  • 2 kg – 1550 rubles
  • 10 kg – 5000 rubles


  • 400 grams – 75 hryvnias
  • 2 kg – 340 hryvnia
  • 10 kg – 1150 hryvnia

As usual, a three-pack is more economical. When you first buy, we recommend starting with a small pack.

Approach thoroughly to the choice of food of the animal, because it will affect how long the cat will live.

Left questions or wish to leave your review about the stern Bosch Sanibel – ask, leave! We will always answer, help and take into account all your wishes.

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