Reviews of whiskas for kittens and cats

Maybe your and would buy Viskas but you would buy it for your pet? Let’s figure out what, how, what and what.

Whiskas first entered the cat feed market in 1958. Of course, Mars Inc, which owns the rights to produce this product, has evolved and improved but remained a company specialising in the production of “economy class” food. What does that mean? Instead of high-quality meat, you are likely to find in the composition of cartilage, skins and other not very attractive ingredients.

Types of cat food Viskas

Such widely advertised feed is produced in wet form and in the form of dry food.

Wet food is packed only in comfortable spiders, covering on a zipper. Dry feeds go on sale in packages weighing 350 grams, 1.9 kg, 5 kg.

Watch your cat. If all the following about him, the food is bought for a reason. So.

  1. The animal’s coat shines and looks healthy.
  2. The cat plays well, cheerful and cheerful.
  3. Chair and urine commonly: without a sharply unpleasant smell, standard colour, “correct” consistency.
  4. No bad breath.
  5. Tests show that the food is fully digested and does not harm the health of your pet.

The pros and cons of Vistas cat food


  • The food is always ready to eat, and it does not need to be specially prepared;
  • observed balance of vitamins, minerals, etc. Substances
  • you can leave the cat at once the daily norm if the owner plans to be absent for some time;
  • Low price for the most popular dry feed types;
  • “Premium” feed production has been started: “Moore-r-fish” and “Meow-meat”.


  • You can’t combine ready-made food and homemade food, and you always need to have a supply of ready-made food;
  • dry food must be washed down with water in a volume exceeding the eaten portion, at least two to three times;
  • “economy class” food, which includes most viscous products, is the lower bar of pet nutrition quality;
  • High price for canned food (wet food);
  • Reviews of veterinarians and most customers are disappointing – this food with long-term use causes diseases such as urinary stone disease, eye disease.

What is the difference between dry and wet Whiskas feed?

It is always important to remember that the dry product is afraid of moisture; it can quickly spoil from its excess. If your cat does not like to drink very much, dry food is better not to give. Canned food for the cat look more attractive and will cause appetite faster than dry food. They have more moisture, they are preferable, although more expensive. But an open jar of wet food can not be stored for a long time. And a lot of at once to buy inconvenient: banks are bulky and take up a lot of space.

It is worth noting that the products are very diverse:

  • For kittens (1 to 12 months);
  • For older cats;
  • For cats that are eight years old or older;
  • Goodies (for special occasions);
  • therapeutic (if the cat is an allergic, urinary stone disease, etc.);
  • for sterilised and neutered animals.

What position to choose your pet?

Vistas menu for kittens:

  • Pate with chicken;
  • Jelly with veal;
  • Jelly with turkey;
  • Ragu with salmon;
  • Ragu with the lamb;
  • Ragu with chicken;
  • Delicious turkey and carrot pads.

These specially designed diets for toddlers contain a calcium formula that strengthens the kitten’s backbone, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc, which allow the baby’s hair and skin to look well-groomed and healthy, and Taurine Vitamin A, which positively affect vision.

Whiskas menu for cats:

  • Cream soup with beef;
  • Cream soup with salmon;
  • Cream soup with turkey;
  • Cream soup with chicken;
  • Jelly with salmon;
  • Jelly with turkey and vegetables;
  • Beef pate with the liver;
  • Jelly with chicken;
  • Ragu with veal;
  • Ragu with salmon;
  • Ragu with trout;
  • Ragu with turkey;
  • Ragu with chicken;
  • Jelly with rabbit and vegetables;
  • Pate of chicken with turkey.

The composition of Whiskas

(green_box) On the official Russian-language website( manufacturer honestly admits that these wet feeds are included in by-products. Each position’s main meat is contained in a dish in quantity (approximately) 4%. Please note that the wet food of this brand is not without cereals! [/green_box]

The developers have enriched the composition with such useful substances as: vitamin E, zinc, taurine, phosphorus, omega-6 fatty acids and calcium.

  • Delicious pillows with sour cream and vegetables;
  • Delicious pads with a soft pate. Lunch with salmon;
  • Delicious places with a soft pate. Assorted chicken, duck and turkey;
  • Delicious cushions with a soft pate. The various beef, lamb and rabbit.

Dry feed Viskas is flour from the declared products again in the amount of about 4% of the total composition of the diet. But here we already see beet joma, beer yeast and vitamin E, added to increase appetite.

Siskas menu for older cats from the age of 7 years:

  • Veal pate;
  • Ragu with chicken;
  • Ragu with the lamb;
  • Delicious pate pads. Appetising assorted poultry meat.

In fairness, the high (for Viskas) content of beneficial animal protein in wet diets for ageing animals – 26%. In dry feeds, the meat component is still 4%.

The feed contains a formula for joint health, already mentioned taurine and fatty acids and vitamin complex

Whiskas menu for sterilized cats and neutered cats:

  • Dry food with chicken and tasty pads;
  • Dry food with beef and tasty pads;
  • Dry food with rabbit and tasty pads.

In these feeds, the developers considered the features of neutered animals and saturated the composition of highly-appreciated ingredients. We also see fibre in large quantities, and it is essential for proper digestion. Rice is present from cereals.

Reviews of Viscas for kittens and cats

Elena: “I’ve been feeding my young cat Viskas for a year. At first, it was food, especially for kittens, now switched to adult food. Yes, I cannot buy expensive food for a cat, but it seems to me that Viskas – quite a decent food for the animal, and negative reviews – it is a tribute to the collective opinion. Many of my friends feed their cats with this food, and all are alive and well. The composition is quite normal, I read. The main thing is that the pet has a lot of water and always.”

Irina: “The kitten(British)gave me five years ago. And three years ago, I transferred him to Visas. I buy both dry and wet food and feels like a cat… Usually. And how should he feel after a simple meal? It’s fine, the wool shines. Sometimes it doesn’t get fed up, and the battle of characters begins. When I win, when he asks for another portion. I periodically carry the cat to the veterinarian – there are no complaints from the doctor on health.”

Olga: “Kate-go-riches-ki vs Viskas. I bought it only once when home remembered that cat food was over, and all but supermarkets were already closed. I bought it in my head. No, the cat did not refuse it and ate with appetite, but it’s night. She started vomiting with blood! I fell it till morning. It didn’t come to the hospital, already in the morning the cat.

We will be glad if you leave your review about Visas for kittens and cats. And let your cat’s life be full of energy and health!

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Written by Sophie Grey

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