Skin Problems With Cats

Does your cat have fleas?

Fleas are extremely common, especially during spring and autumn. Females can lay up to 50 eggs a day which hatches within a period of 10 days. Your kitty will probably be grooming excessively and scratching a lot. If your kitty has a flea infestation you’ll notice tiny black specks on her coat. Applying a drop of water to a piece of fur is a good way of detecting if it’s fleas. The little black specks will turn red, indicating blood.

Treating fleas on your cat can easily be done at home with products bought from your local pet store or online. You must thoroughly clean your home and treat other pets as well.

Ear mites

Ear mites are fairly common, but if left untreated can form brown crusty patches inside the ear. The mites are very tiny and look like white dots. Chances are your cat picked up the infection from animals she came in contact with outside. Ear mites feed off ear wax and breed very fast!! You should get your cat checked over by a vet to confirm its ear mites, and he or she will prescribe treatment.

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.