What has been the star product of the April PetSecret for cats?

Mini has already tested all the products of its latest PetSecret box for cats of April. Do you want to know what he liked the most and what he liked the least? We tell you below…

Little things our purring has loved:

1. The KONG toy, a bear filled with crawling grass that has awakened its Gatun instincts. It was available in two colours: pink and blue. Our cat played in blue, together with her eyes Mini is a little special with toys, you know, what loses her is her short pipe. The crawler grass gives off its smell so that it attracts cats. It would be nice if it could be filled in. This toy, either because of its shape, size, or stuffing, has it in love. He even takes a nap with him!

2. SMILE feed for sterilised cats. Made from poultry, this high-quality food is specially adapted to the metabolism of neutered cats, come on, so they don’t get chubby. 

 Mini has accepted it correctly, and I even have to ration it because he eats a lot more in the last few months, so you have to control his daily rations. Tell you that we like to give you quality food, I will not lie to you, we have tried some cheap feed and feel bad. So we advise you not to skim on your cat’s food, in the end, we are talking about his health. Nutrition experts develop this food, and that gives us a lot of confidence.

3. GOURMET GOLD wet food. It is noticeable that it is designed for gourmet purrs, select with the quality of the food. I have already told you on some occasion that Mini is not a fan of wet food, but PetSecret always surprises us with this type of food and this time it has not been for less. We put Mini in his wet feeder (we forever separated the feed from the wet food) his exclusive menu and… the next morning there was no trace left! If your cat is a real sybarite, I’m sure with this brand you won’t fail. Also, it’s good to vary a little in the food from your usual menu, and your purr will thank you, you’ll see! Oops, I didn’t take pictures of him with his wet food.

What hasn’t convinced Mini this month:

4. VIYO STRENGTHENS NATURAL DEFENSES. We were pleasantly surprised by this product, a drink that promotes the cat’s intestine’s proper functioning and stimulates its intestinal flora, eliminating harmful substances through the liquid intake. All content was me in the morning, fasting, as advised, to give him his natural super defences, and to my surprise, Mini ignored them for hours. To make it useful, you have to provide the animal for a week. There’s no way with Mini! A pity, the truth… You’ll tell me, but if he relaxes in the picture. Of course! I tried to wet one of his favourite prizes to see if he later drank his defences, but he didn’t…

5. ORIJEN – CAT TREATS. A 100% natural prize made from meat: poultry, eggs, wild fish and gently freeze-dried ranch meats. There are several times I have tried to give Orijen to Mini, but he completely ignores it. He smells it, looks at me and leaves. What do I have to do if she’s so select?

If we had to choose the star product of the April PetSecret it would definitely be the KONG toy. He’s got us all in love!

As always, he likes products that he wants more than others, for that he has his personality, so we rely on counting his experience testing new brands of food, toys, awards, and the PetSecret box subscription. Did you know that you can earn PetPoints points for reviewing the products on their website? It is his way of valuing and rewarding our faithfulness. When you get 1,000 PetPoints, they send you a free box.

If you have not yet nuanced your pet’s happiness (dog or cat) we invite you to try PetSecret. Best of all, there are no shipping costs, and you can unsubscribe at any time, and the products are customised for your pet. They collaborate with the neediest animals, donating a portion of their benefits to Animal Associations and Protectors.

Thank you to PetSecret for your work! Mini gets excited every month when he receives his little box.

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Written by Sophie Grey

I've loved cats ever since I was a young girl, and love to share my knowledge of them with the world! Thank you for reading ❤️ If you've got a question for me, don't hesitate to reach out.