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Cats-Talent is, at its heart, a blog for cat lovers, written by cat lovers, that includes helpful information, entertaining anecdotes, cat-related news, and product reviews, along with whatever fun stuff happens to trip our cat-loving triggers.

Some of the authors writing on this site own cats, some own dogs, some own horses or fish, and most of us have several pets.

We’re the kind of people who have:

  • fed that stray cat
  • taken care of your dog while you’re on vacation
  • adopted a shelter pet (or two, or three)
  • rescued a horse because it needed rescuing
  • filed our own dog’s nails
  • dressed our cat in a hat to honor Dr. Seuss
  • given the gift of a pet – at least once
  • taken our pets on vacation with us
  • raised baby bunnies after they lost their mother
  • suffered the loss of a furry friend only to adopt again